Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rest Day Catch Up

Even though today is a rest day I have work to do. I'm way behind. Before I went kitty sitting Saturday morning, I got up at 6 am to finish the skein made from a mish mash of purple Shetlands I had in the stash.

Some of it was spun from commercially prepared roving and some of it came from stuff I had washed and dyed so it's a bit lumpy and bumpy-but it's fun.

The problem was (and there is always a problem, it seems) is that I had a lot leftover on each bobbin after stuffing as much as I could onto the bobbin I was plying with. Ashford bobbins only hold about 3 ounces. As much as I wanted to be done with this project, I now have to continue to add more to these bobbins so I can ply all over again to use it all up this time around. Can it be done in less than a week? I sure hope so. I want this a done deal by Paris. I'm kinda sick of it.


  1. OR you could just ply this and have a smaller skein! The yarn is very pretty though!

  2. Great purples on the bobbins and I love the way they've blended in the finished yarn. I've never spun Shetland, but I think I have some in the stash. My ankles were fussing last night so I'm taking the rest day.

  3. I can understand your wanting to finish! It is a gorgeous color though

  4. I love these colors. I understand you want to be done, but they are really nice.