Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Fiber

 There has been TdF spinning going on every morning but nothing that terribly interesting is going on. I finished the second bobbin of the Punta wool I began before the Tour. It's being plied.

 The purple bobbin is the second of the mixed Shetland. I hope to have it plied by the end of next week. The pastel multi is the Texel X which is looking better than I expected. I have a long way to go before it gets plied and more batts to crank out.

The spindles are also all in use. Slowly but surely I'm working my way through all the piles of fluff while keeping up with the action on the road.


  1. Wow, how do you keep them all straight! Sure wish you weren't on the other side of the map as I could use a spinning lesson....

  2. I want to learn to spin. Not with a spinning wheel though. Is it difficult? Who taught you? What are your best tips for me ..I'll probably start this fall

    1. Everything I learned I learned from You Tube. I started with a big, heavy drop spindle. Big mistake. Use the smallest (lightest) one you can find with some well drafted thin ribbons of fiber. It takes a while to get the feel of drafting and spinning at the same time. Keep at it and you will get your aha moment. Mine came at 2 am and it was all go after that.

  3. These are some beautiful photos of your spinning! I will have to read and catch up on what's happening on the road. I think I can catch a bit on t.v. soon ... I'll knit with you in solidarity!

  4. Wow, you have a lot going on. Love those beautiful spindles. The colors in the top photo are gorgeous.