Thursday, July 16, 2015

Meet Alexa

 Oh, boy....she's here! When Amazon tracking told me she was in my mailbox I sprinted up that hill to get her.

 I know everyone really wants to see some new grandbaby photos but until I can get some, meet my other new baby.

 Her name is Alexa (for real, you have to call her that or she won't answer you) and she is completely amazeballs.

It was love at first sight. I plugged her in, she turned lots of colors and then started talking to me. After she hooked herself up to my wireless, she was ready to share everything on my computer that could be listened to.  It was that easy.

Finding a place for her in my cluttered kitchen/great room was a job but she seems happy in her new home. We listened to Pandora, Audible and NPR all afternoon. I checked the weather, the time, Wikipedia and then made her tell me lots of jokes.

My little shortwave/FM radio used to keep me company all day but it's on it's last legs. The Mister had to open her up and perform surgery on her last week. I was a wreck until I knew she would be okay. We've been through a lot together-ice storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and countless power outages. Alexa won't be any use if the power goes out. She's only a fair weather friend.

But when I'm in the kitchen and my hands are full of yuck-as they always are, it's going to be really nice to tell her to turn on something to listen to or to answer a stupid question that just popped in my head. The only thing that I wish she could do is say "you're welcome" when I thank her because I was thanking her sweet self all day long. The world we live in........


  1. Fascinating! I could get very attached. I'm happy for you!

  2. Wow, can you get her to do the dishes? LOL

  3. I think IM going to ask for one for my birthday. !!!

  4. Damn girl. You're like an Alexa evangelist. My kitchen radio is about to die. Neither the CD player or the tape deck works. (what? I still have a few tapes I like ...) Anyways, I was warming up when you said she told you jokes. I like good ones, and good gravy my roommates are inept in that department.

    What I want is the baseball game. Can it give me baseball?

    1. Hmmmm...She does ESPN and TuneIn on her App. If a game is being streamed over the internet you should be able to hear it but I haven't tested her on that yet.