Wednesday, July 1, 2015


 I hope July isn't as hot and and miserable as June was.

In spite of being stuck inside from all the miserable weather, June didn't get very far.

Only two squares until fall. Do you realize how close we are to Christmas again? Wasn't that just yesterday?


  1. I have high hopes for this month! No travel should translate to lots of creativity! How about you? The cross stitch is coming along and I will not think about Fall or Christmas in July!!!!!!

  2. You're wishing for cooler weather, and I'm up here wishing for warmer! Mother Nature has quite a sense of humour.

  3. I'm really impressed with how you've managed to keep up with your cross stitch calendar. But you're absolutely right. This summer is flying by and yes, it feels like I just organized my Christmas crap. I am hoping to catch up on a few things this July at the homestead. Little things like rifling through cluttered areas, but they'll make me feel good even if not much gets done. I wish you some cooler weather. Wea re having bizarre overcast muggy weather. Thunder and lightning inland in the valleys. What I wouldn't do for a little summer shower.

  4. Trying to catch up here, too, as we are done traveling for a while. June here was the hottest EVER! I am so behind in everything, including blogging. Have a wonderful Fourth!