Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Sticky Situation

I've spent many hours this week wrapping up soap only to discover that none of my adhesives were doing their job.

I had used an adhesive roller thingy and I don't know if it was the heat and humidity or the brand that was the problem. I usually use the kind you get at Paper Source but this time I picked up one at Joanne's.

Whatever the problem, I spent the day gluing labels and bows back on.

It was a lot of labels and a lot of bows.

This time I used a new adhesive roller thingy and a glob of scrap book glue. I even picked up some Glue Dots for just in case but so far, so good.

I have to say, picking the colors and patterns that go best with the soap is too much fun. I could do it all day.

I went a wee bit overboard in the soap making department so I still have a lot of leftovers to wrap. They are getting their labels tied on and as for those bows-fuggedaboutit.

For my own use, I borrowed a recipe from one of my favorite soapers, La Fille de la Mer. It's full of sea salt, sea clay and coconut milk and smells like the beach. It's the next best thing to a dip in the sea.  I could eat it it's so yummy.


  1. What a perfect little factory you are! The extra mile you go on your soap is the finishing touch of class! So pretty!

  2. I think you are amazing that you can nail down a scent so well...ahhh the beach!

  3. That's a lot of lovely soaps and I love your packaging. The beachy soap sounds wonderful and refreshing.

  4. I'm really sorry that you had to redo your seals. However I love this post. All the pretty soaps in their gorgeous packaging gave me the happy tingles. I love how you've picked such nice papers with the soaps