Saturday, June 13, 2015


I've been washing a lot of fleece lately. The TdF is right around the corner.

 I'd like to confess that I have a very unusual opinion about vegetable matter (VM). I don't mind it.

I break all the rules when it comes to washing fleece. I don't prepare it for washing at all. I just grab a handful out of the bag it came in and let the bits of dried what nots fend for themselves.

 The vast majority of it disappears of it's own accord during the many stages it takes to become yarn.

 It makes me happy to think this sheep lived a normal sheep life.

This is Peanut and he or she obviously wasn't forced to wear a coat to stay clean and free of debris. Sheep eat vegetable matter, they hang out in vegetable matter and they sleep in it. That's how it ought to be.


  1. I don't mind a small percentage of VM but prickers and burrs........hmmm, make me grouchy! It's good most of it falls out during processing! I have to do a LOT of shaking out from a FL fleece because of the accumulation of sand in the wool. Not good to leave it in for any step of the prep!

  2. I love this post. When the day comes for me to raise angora bunnies I will remember this post

    1. Keep angora rabbits with wire floors so that all the grot falls through. They will thank you that they don't have faeces and shavings in their coats. Shavings and hay/straw are a no-no. Please think of your bunnies welfare - it helps the harvesting of the 'wool' too.

    2. Please don't use wire floors for rabbits - it's really bad for their feet! Groom angoras regularly, and there is very little problem with foreign matter.

  3. Looks like you're going to be doing some interesting spinning!