Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

 This Father's Day is full of emotional landmines. Daddio is still in the nursing home. He's not happy to be there and makes that very clear. There's no way he can manage on his own anymore so long term care is our only option. It's a pretty terrible situation.

 Not only am I jumping through all the Medicaid hoops to figure out how to pay for his care, I'm also dealing with all his personal stuff since his house is on the market and needs to be emptied. I found this strange lady in his photos.

 Hubba hubba. Maybe I should go find her. Maybe she still wants him. That could solve a lot of problems.

There's mom. She was also quite a babe.

Awwww......that's my favorite photo of me and the old man but we were never actually very close. His untreated bipolar disorder made him moody and irritable. I was terrified of him. It's too bad it took a mental health crisis in his eighties for him to seek treatment. It makes a world of difference-when we can get him to take his meds.

Here's the old man as I remember him best. He was a lineman.  That's him in the middle looking right at us with his whole life ahead of him.
Man, I hate that he lived longer than his mind and body did.


  1. Family; it is complicated. I'm sure he is in there somewhere when you visit him. You are pressed about from this situation , though, and I'm sorry for that.

  2. Happy Father's Day Daddio. You've got a lot of fans out here!

  3. You are an epic daughter. I am not. I gave up on my father 3 years ago. The alcohol just ruined him and our extended family. I hope daddio knows how lucky he is to have you. hugs