Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fun in the Sun

 So how hot has it been? Hot enough to dye wool on the deck.

Sort of. I did use the microwave to warm up the dye baths but I let the sun finish them off.

 It was 90 degrees and sunny on the day I did this.

 Not bad. The Texel X takes the dye in a weird way but it's kind of cool looking.

I've still got plenty of fiber and plenty of dye so now all I need are lots more hot, sunny days which are never in short supply around here in the summer. We are looking at 99 on Friday.


  1. I love to dye like this-very nice colors; I like the satiny finish on the wool, you are going to love spinning this!

  2. Great pictures. They look HAPPY those fibers! Enjoy the heat! I am loving it! Chicago is finally warm

  3. Look at those beautiful colors. And what a great way to put that heat to work.

  4. It's been warm here for us, especially being that it's only June. No rain either......

  5. Dyeing is always a good day to spend a day!

  6. So pretty! You found a good way to pass the hot day!