Monday, June 8, 2015

Show Time

 Yesterday was positively the last time I would spend about four hours setting up and taking down this particular scenery in an ice rink.

 To end the season, we used the team money to buy an hour and a half of ice time and let out members perform an exhibition.

Daughter had a surprise in the locker room. Everyone had a certificate of achievement acknowledging their special contribution.

She taken a production team photo and had a copy made for each skater for collecting autographs.

The team parents surprised us with a brunch.

There was a photographer for a formal team portrait.

Afterwards everyone got to skate their individual program to an enthusiastic crowd. Daughter's hubby did a great job with the announcing.

We finished the show with the production number. My poor lampposts and trees had certainly seen better days. They are headed for the recycling bin along with most of the other scenery, I'm sad to say.

I never did get a photo of me actually in the number but I got a quick selfie of me and my knitting props right before we went on.  I wished someone had told me that my wig was sliding off in the front. Oh well. that wig is history too.

For all my hard work I got a team trophy plus a gift certificate to a spa (!) and a $50 Target gift card from the parents. We get a week off and then planning begins for next year. Oorah.


  1. What a grand finale! You will put the whole week off to good use! lol

  2. Looks like a great end to the season!

  3. Sounds like fun! I'm glad they recognized your contribution, too!

  4. I'm really blown away at how fantastic your lampposts and trees look. Honestly all of your production props and pieces have been really amazing and creative! It looks like it was a great end of the year/season celebration. Your daughter did a wonderful thing adding those special sentiments to a great experience. I see the "talent and heart" runs strong in your family :)

    Use the certificates! Enjoy your well earned gifts and relaxation! I thought it was really cool to watch your production work! I keep thinking about all that purple sequence and costuming work!