Thursday, June 11, 2015


 It's only early June and The Mister and I have cabin fever. It's muggy and buggy and going outside is no fun. Even Pup doesn't want to go out. I've even set up the carder inside and that's a desperate measure because it makes a giant mess.

 I had this Shetland that needed carding. It was quick work.

 This is the last of the Jacob that has been washed. There is more raw Jacob in the shed.

I hope it is enough to finish the Crepidula  vest. If not, I'm going to have a lot of washing and dyeing in my future.


  1. The fiber is so pretty when it gets carded; nice batts!
    I'm sorry you are cabin-fevered already. Can you take early morning walks? We have to avoid the heat of the noontime sun here all summer but both ends of the day are glorious!

  2. We have been experiencing more mugginess out here, which is unusual. I have to say, it's not my favorite. I'm very confused on how to dress for it. Also it does seem to bring out the random mosquito or two that becomes trapped in my apartment at 1am. ha!

    Lots of pretty fiber! I hope it's enough for you to finish your vest too!

  3. Oh no! You are stuck inside? I am ready for heat and humidity and I swear I won't complain. We get a day of summer and then the winds blow off Lake Michigan and we are in jackets again..and its JUNE.
    Praying for your daddio

  4. You migiht like it here. Not muggy or buggy, but we do get rain....and lately not much of that. You are going to have some pretty yarns when you're finished!