Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Out for a Spin

 Taking the fiber toys outside is always a pleasure.

 It's been hot and humid but here and there we get a cool morning that is just perfect for sitting on the deck.

I've been spinning the Jacob batts in hopes of finishing that Crepidula vest one day.

 You can see all the colors in the fiber fly by when you are outside.

It's potato chip spinning. You just can't stop.


  1. Oh, how lovely to spin out on the deck. The colors have got to be hypnotic running through your fingers!

  2. Outdoor fiber work! love it. I hope to be on the porch this afternoon when I return from the shelter. My mittens await me

  3. I love being outside and crafting. Mom has a huge covered deck and I'm so jealous of it. I'm making do with my patio umbrella, but it's not the same