Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Soap

 I'm still obsessed with making hot process soap. I am determined to get it right.

 After watching a million You Tube videos, I gave it another try. In spite of blending the daylights out of all the luscious oils and butters and giving them a longer, slower cook time, I got a crumbly mess once again. It looks like dried out Playdoh, doesn't it?  Phooey.

 Crumbly sure, but sticky insides. Go figure. The bars feel like they will take forever to cure. In the category of "what was I thinking" I added white colorant making it harder to check for undissolved lye pockets. Argh...

On a positive note, the green mica hanger swirl turned out better than I expected in the gloppy mess as did the herbal fragrance. Two out of three isn't bad.

On another soap making binge later last week, I made two swirled cold processed soaps and another hot process with some cinnamon pencil lines. The drying rack is full at the moment. Until I get some of the cured ones moved off and put into use, I need to slow down. You can only use so much soap.

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