Friday, June 5, 2015


I have the very had habit of finishing a project and then leaving all the leftovers in the bag and moving on to a new bag. I had quite a collection that had to be cleaned out and sorted.

 Other containers held projects I was never going to finish. These mittens? Gone.

 Hexie Puffs? Gone.

 My very first practice toe up socks? Saved. They were too cute to go.

 Silk hankie what-nots? Gone. I hate working with silk.

 These misshapen, over felted and orphan FOs? All gone.

Plastic canvas? I hate the stuff. Gone.

That pile of old knitting magazines I swore I was going to go through one day and pull out patterns? Recycled.
You've got to be brutal.


  1. I love brutal! Lol. Isn't it a wonderful freeing experience!

  2. Purging feels good! I always feel so much happier afterwards.

  3. Haha ! yes it requires a certain, toughness on the day you purge! congrats, but oh that mitten ......I wanted it!

  4. My hero! I am not purging as much as I'd like to, but I'm reorganizing my corners of clutter as much as I can.