Friday, June 26, 2015


 For the past four years I have drug this project out of the closet during the TdF.

 It started with a giant Cormo fleece I bought at the MDSW. I washed it by pinning the locks in a bag and pouring the soapy water over them like so many do but the locks were still too greasy to spin easily. That's why this project never got finished. It's no fun.

 I decided to give the locks another wash to see if it could be done. This time I'm using Margaret Stove's Merino washing method of dip and scrub. I dyed them with Paas Easter egg dye and not a bit bled out. That's some good stuff. I need to use it more.

While I was at it, I dug through an old Merino fleece and picked some locks to dip dye just for fun.

 It is so muggy outside nothing will dry so they are camped out in the kitchen. I'll do a handful a day until The Mister starts to complain.

Over the years I have gathered quite a bit of these Cormo singles but still have no idea what will become of them. Maybe this year's Tour will be the one with the answers.


  1. Such pretty colors have to inspire you to finish it! Cormo is like Merino in that it likes to hold onto its lanolin. It will work this time for sure. The yarn will be so squishy and soft it is worth the work!

  2. I've told you, I don't spin and I have no desire to go down this path. Having said that, I love watching you do it. I love that it's this dedicated fleece and cycling event "spinning" together. ha! Anyway picture 4 from the top totally made me think of easter eggs!!

  3. Wow it is coming up fast isn't it?? I love the Tour. I know where I will find Fireman every morning ..with Phil