Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Solstice

I'm not overly fond of being surrounded by all these tall trees until the dog days are upon us. They've been upon us since mid May this year. Now I am grateful for their shade.

The view from the deck is Jurassic. I wouldn't be surprised to see a T Rex stride by one day.

 My walking path is unwalkable. It's like cutting a path through the rain forest.

 The creek is stagnant. I have to remember to put out fresh water for the ferals and anything else that might need a cool drink.

The Mister's sand pit has sprouted ferns.

The hostas are getting ready to bloom.

 It won't be long before the deer eat them to the ground. The hostas on the edge of the woods are already gone.

Speaking of gone, the fig tree is history. It didn't survive the unusually cold winter.

Wherever we go, we have to step over hot kitties. They plaster themselves on the deck all day for a sun bath. Crazy cats.

 Odd bugs show up on a regular basis. This guy was on the deck for several days.

 The world is uggy buggy and terribly muggy.

You really have to watch where you walk.


  1. Oh, so beautiful to see everything this time of year; sorry it is a bit too muggy! They are having 100* in FL with T-storms and hail again. It is temperate and perfect for a change in WA......who would guess that!

  2. Wow that moth/insect is stunning. I could imagine a dinosaur tromping in the woods. We are happy to have heat and storms today. Its a perfect peaceful day to catch up on blogs, knit and do some paperwork

  3. Good green post. I feel like the kitty. Though the kitty appears more alive than me. Really nice photos. You might have to be careful where you walk, but so many lovely things to notice while you do.

  4. I love where you live - creepy crawlies and all!