Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Heart Will Go On

 I'm a soundtrack junkie. When I heard that James Horner was gone I couldn't have felt any worse if I actually knew him. His name scrolls by on my ipod or on Pandora almost everyday.

Field of Dreams, Cocoon, Alien, An American Tale, Willow, Legends of the Fall, Glory, Apollo 13, The Perfect Storm, A Beautiful Mind, Avatar, Sarah's Theme from Hocus Pocus, Where are you Christmas from The Grinch....oh yeah, and that movie about the big boat. That's just a small sample of his work. With his music keeping me company, I finished the binding on the Star Spangled Baby quilt yesterday with a heavy heart.

 All I could think of is what James Cameron is going to do now about the three Avatar sequels. Those are some mighty big shoes to fill.

But life goes on. I've got the quilt. Now where's that Star Spangled baby?


  1. Love the quilt and the fabrics -- a very special gift.

  2. His music spanned so much of our adult lives! Sad news.
    The quilt on the other hand is perfect. Good job!

  3. Dave an I were talking about it too - amazing how much he did - such an inspiration!