Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Day on the Bay

The Mister and I live in walking distance of the Chesapeake Bay. We rarely wander down there but we always make sure we get ourselves down to the dragon boat race.

It's a day of total insanity and every year it gets bigger and better.

There were blocks and blocks of booths to support your favorite teams by contributing to end hunger.

This particular event brings out the crazy in everyone. I love it.

If you forgot your costume you can buy one and have your face painted.

Here's lovely Queen Elsa being helped onto her boat. She was serving as honorary drummer for her team. Long glittery gowns and bay water are not a good mix but she made the best of it.

 It was a warm, hazy day so the visibility was poor.

There were thirty some teams and they all gave it their best. It was a tight race.

The race, with its many heats, takes all day so we didn't stay to see the finish. It was too darn hot.

Even the crazy air dude was suffering from heat exhaustion. Poor guy.

 Someone was a real ass to bring this guy out in the heat.

I'm pretty sure the water didn't offer much relief. It's been hot for a long time. The bay temp must be pretty high.

Look what that dirty bay water did to this guy. Yikes. I don't even put my feet in it anymore.

I like my bay from a distance.

 A sign of the times was the constant buzzing overhead from drones.

They were all over the place photographing the race for one reason or another. They made me nervous.

There were also lots of fun booths with crafty offerings. Of course I found some handmade soap to bring home. This little produce stand even grows their own lavender. It smells amazing. You can go pick your own from their fields any Saturday or Sunday from June 15th to July 15th. They are right up the road and you can even stop in for tea with a reservation. I'd be on my way if it wasn't so darn hot.