Friday, June 12, 2015


I had 20 inches of my latest towel project finished and everything was going along perfectly fine until....

 ...I had a reason to look at what I was doing from another angle. That blue is not right. Argh.....

 Here's the problem. I threaded two in the wrong heddle.  Argh.......

 There was no choice but to take it all out. Unweaving went pretty quickly and then there was pulling out all that tiny hem thread. Argh.....

 It was an easy fix since I had just mixed up two heddles. I just switched them and all was well until.....

...I noticed I had skipped a slot in the reed. Argh.....This was not a quick fix. I had to untie it all and then pull all that yarn through all those slots once again.

At the moment it is all back on track but I don't want to think about it. Let's just end with the pretty kitties. That's my blue-eyed sisters, Thelma and Louise, hiding under the eaves from the rain.


  1. You must be a very patient person to go on regardless all the troubles! Wish you to finish towels smoothly.
    I bought that kit myself after reading your previous posts about Cooton Clouds kit and I am about to start warping. I have a question and hope you can help. In the instructions it is said to sley 2-1-1-1 in 12-dent reed. I have a 15-dent reed. Wouldn't it be easier to sley one in each dent? Or is there some special need to use 12-dent?

    1. Hmmm.....good question. Looking closely at the completed weaving, I don't see why not. There doesn't seem to be any special effect from it. You have two ends in each heddle, then four in some of the reeds but they all go their own way after that. Maybe it has to do with the finished size but I am no expert on all that ends per inch stuff to have an opinion on it. The only thing is that the white has to be all by itself as it needs lots of space. The boucle comes undone and bunches up if it is stessed too much by rubbing on the other yarn.
      It's a beautiful pattern and a very easy weave. My favorite so far. Good luck!

  2. When all goes well, weaving is yet joy; and then there's moments like this....
    Short, hope you get the wedding dance back into step soon.
    The cats are stunning!

  3. Oh They are Beautiful sisters. I LOVE them. Gorgeous

  4. Fireman was looking at your blog with me and we love the cats. He wants to know how to pronounce ariagnee. We clearly don't speak french

  5. The towels will be lovely. I admire your patience. Love the photo of the beautiful sister cats.

  6. Ugh, I'm so sorry about the undos! But your cats are so beautiful! They almost don't seem real.

  7. Love the colors in that towel but sorry it's giving you problems. Those are pretty cats! The top one's face is very similar to our Mocha. Very distant relatives, maybe?