Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Soap

While I am waiting for the multi-talented Delighted Hands to send me her miracle working soap recipe (hint, hint), I've been getting into more saponification mischief all on my own. My latest soaping adventure involves a coat hanger. You use it for making fancy swirls in the batter. Your pour in several colors randomly, insert the hanger and roll it up and down to create waves of color.

See? The swirls are pretty. The color is not. It is supposed to be purple as this is lavender scented soap but the lye cooked the color right out of the mica.

The swirls on the top stayed purple. I had some trouble with the cutter so I have odd sized bars. It's always something. I'm still waiting for that soap project where everything goes right.

I've also got something else new. I've got glycerin rivers. Those light gray veins are what happen when you add a white oxide colorant and let it get too hot. I CPOPed this batch in the oven in hope of keeping the colors bright but what I got was little rivers of glycerin running through it. Glycerin is a natural by product of the soap making process and it's always in the soap but because of the oxide colorants you can see it. It's actually pretty cool isn't it? I couldn't have done that on purpose it I tried.

If you follow my Twitter feed I want to apologize for all of last night's crazy rants when I discovered that I couldn't see game two of the FIFAWWC because my cable company, Comcast, doesn't carry Fox2. I couldn't even stream it or find a radio station that was broadcasting it live. It seems I'm going to miss about a quarter of all the games.  I was NOT happy. Not. Happy. 


  1. so sorry about the games. May I say the charcoal soap is fantastic?

  2. Beautiful soap capers! I will send you the soap recipe tonight! I heard the subtle hint! lol

  3. It might not have been what you were expecting, but it looks pretty darn cool to me... and let me tell you, that's pretty much how we roll in the dye studio - whatever happens, happens!