Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Beat Goes On

I just put the last color in the yoke of the Crepidula. It's hard to see but it's violet.

I am pretty much out of the original yarn.

 Luckily I had just finished plying another skein. At least I thought I plied it. It doesn't look like it from this photo but I swear I did.

There it is wound into a ball. It's yarn. It's just on the fuzzy side. I'm out of good fiber and am using up the riff raff to make the batts. This may end up looking like a vest Sonny and Cher might have worn way back when.

I also still have this much of the colorful stuff that I am planning on using on the bottom. That should be fun in a crazy clown barf way.

Uh, oh....maybe I am getting too carried away.


  1. So far so good; the last pic got me nervous tho! lol

  2. OH I LOVE it so far. Past the shoulders! you are flying on this one

  3. I love your handspun. I think it's perfect for this pattern.