Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vegetable Surprise

 I completely changed my mind about what was to become of the yarn I had just finished spinning from an Into the Whirled Polwarth Vegetable Medley braid. I had wanted something rectangular and lacy but instead I went with something triangular and textured. I was also needed to give my poor eyes a break from chart reading so I went looking for a pattern that I could memorize.

I also had to be honest about the yarn I had spun. The 3 ply was too thick for lace and the colors were pretty but too distracting for a complicated pattern. After a long search, I settled on the Sideways Surprise Shawlette. It is hard to describe so I'll let the designer tell you all about it:
A triangular shawl knit sideways in a textured box stitch pattern, increasing on one side to the halfway point, then decreasing on the same side to the end. The surprise is the built-in self fringe, created by dropping the stockinette stitch border down to the cast on. The fringe is not cut, so it stays lovely and twirly for the life of the shawl.


  1. I really like this pattern. I'm eager to see how the fringe looks on yours. Perfect for the your yarn!