Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dragon Tales

Our quiet little beach town comes alive in the summer. Sometimes all the extra tourist traffic can be annoying but once in a while all the congestion is worthwhile.

If you look way out to the right you will see an event that was totally worth all the commotion.

It was all about dragons....

...and they were everywhere..

Especially on boats.

The dragon boats raced along the bay and it was spectacular.

 To the sound of beating drums, team after team competed against each other all day.

The huge event was brilliantly MC'd and DJ'd by Doug Hill of local weather fame.

The boardwalk was lined with colorful booths that sponsored the boats.

They were terribly creative.

Cheering crowds lined the waterway on this perfectly lovely day.

I sure hope they do this again next year. Even if I can't round up enough people to have a team, I am definitely going to go watch. Ba da boom!


  1. wow what a beautiful place you live in. love the boats and that it is for hunger solutions.