Friday, June 21, 2013

Vegetable Remedy

 My Into the Whirled Polwarth braid from The Loopy Ewe arrived sooner than I expected.

 Along with a lovely little hand written note, it came with a few surprises. I love it when vendors do that. They can stick used gum wrappers in and I would be happy because it makes me feel my little package got some special attention.

 The color of the braid in the Just Figs colorway was promising.

 While not an exact match it just might do.

 I only have one corner to go and that purple and orange might fool the eye. I'll know after I spin and ply it. It's going right to the top of the spinning queue and with the Tour de Fleece only days away now, I really need to get this rescue mission done asap.

Even if it is a complete fail and I end up frogging, I will still have all of this lovely stuff to play with.


  1. I still think it is going to work well with the rest of the knit uP!

  2. I think that's going to be an excellent match!

  3. Hello, Im a new reader to your lovely blog. I read the other day of your problem of running out but think this is going to match in perfectly.

  4. Looks like a match to me too.

  5. It sure looks great from here.