Thursday, June 20, 2013


 I survived yesterday's window massacre but I am not so sure I am going to survive the attack of the moths.

 Years ago I wrote a very humorous post comparing my struggle against the winged beasts to a Mothra movie. I am not laughing now.

 Now I am throwing money at the problem.

 I have not discovered anymore evidence of an infestation but I am not taking any chances. I have a zillion pounds of wool under my roof and I want it to stay that way.

 I even have all that new wool fabric for rug hooking that I need to protect.

 Even the projects have been moved to bags that zip for the summer.

 My house smells like your Grandma's attic but to me that is the smell of victory. Take that you nasty buggers.


  1. Oh dear.....well I haven't encountered any moths yet but we've sure got a lot of every other kind of bug hanging out in the yard. I'm seriously contemplating zipping myself into one of those plastic bags!!

  2. do not put head in bag.

    I think moth balls smell great.