Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Whole Lot of Spindling Going On

 I know you are not supposed to call spinning with drop spindles spindling but I can't help it. It seems right to me. It's not the same thing as spinning on a wheel and it deserves it's own name. Right? Whatever it is called, I've been doing lots of it because it was the only thing I could do when my eye was all blinky and it seemed to ignite a fire that is usually reserved for the Tour de Fleece.

 In addition to adding to the orange Merino that is going to be my 2014 MDSW shawl, I started to comb and spin the three Merino fleeces I have been washing lock by lock. These are just for sampling. The real project will be wheel spun as I want a sweater's worth.

 I have also been working with my Easter egg dyed Cormo. It's a challenge as these are the last of the locks and they are not in great shape but it is worth it. Any bit of Cormo is worth any amount of work-it is that good.

Last but not least, I have reacquainted myself with my Russian support spindle. I wrote such glowing things about in during last year's TdF-and then put it away.  After playing with it again, I can truthfully say that it is everything I said and more. I love this thing.
Since this year's TdF is only weeks away-it begins Saturday June 29th, I suppose I already know what my projects will be. Is getting this much of a head start cheating?


  1. You have a wonderful collection of spindles and I do love the word spindling! TdF already! I should sign up. It would give me a good reason to sit and spin.

  2. Those are some nice spindlers you've got there! It took me forever to get the hang of a drop spindle, but I'll never forget the moment that it finally clicked. Such a good feeling!