Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Blooms and Bugs

 It's mostly green around here in the summer. I live under the trees and there is too much shade for flowers.

 For the past two years I have filled a few stray pots with impatiens. This year I wanted more but came up empty handed in the clay pot department. Doesn't anyone make them any more? I hate plastic.

 My hydrangea is about to do something odd. The blooms are very tiny this year but there are lots of them. I like them best when they are still green. They remind me of weddings and I love weddings.

The hostas are also about to put out their flowers. I like them until it is time to trim them all back and then it is a real chore because we have lots and lots of hostas.

 Over at Daddio's house the daylillies are just beginning to do their thing.

 It won't be long before the the whole backyard will be ablaze. Mom planted them everywhere.

 Daddio planted one of his own this spring. He choose a yellow one.

 He also insisted on putting some portulacas in Mom's old cement boat that is in the front yard.

 We also threw out a handful of nasturtium seeds and they are promising to be spectacular.

Last but not least is the blossom that I hope is intending to turn into a pumpkin. We had more pumpkins than we knew what to do with the year before but last year we had none. All I really need is one so I hope this means we are off to a good start.

 As for bugs, I know I've talked a lot lately about my issue with moths but when I found this guy on the new screen door I had to admit that even moths can be quite nice-as long as they stay out of my woolly stuff.


  1. I LOVE Nasturtium!!!! havent' planted them in a few years...

    Why do you cut your hostas back? WE never have...maybe we should. HOw do you do that?

    I think that moth is kind of creepy..

    1. I only cut those flower stems back as they get real ugly after they bloom. I hate doing that because the hostas are usually full of spiders.

  2. So pretty ~ need to put in tiger lilys here! love them.

    we are focusing on veggies this year for the first time in many!

  3. We always cut the hostas back too after they bloom and that moth is impressive in a REALLY CREEPY sort of way. ;-O