Thursday, June 13, 2013

And the Winner is...

 I have decided that Merino fleece #1 is going to be my Tour de Fleece project this year.

It washed up nicely and spun well. It is not the softest of the three fleeces but it is soft enough for outerwear.

Since I made the decision, I have been washing bits and pieces of it on a regular basis. I need a sweater's worth.

 Now I need to sit myself down and start flicking these locks so I will have enough fiber to keep me spinning through France for three whole weeks.

 That's going to be a mighty big bag full.

PS: Thanks for your kitty tips yesterday. I will be trying them all.


  1. Tour de FLeece perhaps I will do the TOUR this year.
    Phil Liggett the announcer is engrained in my head.....Fireman watches it every day! I am going to that's it.
    Im going to do socks.

    FOr the kitties..>Get them some crazy good catnip and sprinkle it on a cardboard scratcher and they will want that more than the loom. OR get a spray bottle and teach them with water...that makes them learn quick

  2. I can't imagine having the patience to wash all those locks!