Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Fond Farewell

 This is the dumbest post ever but I can't help it. I am sad.

 Today the men are coming to rip out all the old windows and sliding glass doors.

 I've hated these cranky old windows for years but now that I know they are doomed, my heart is breaking.

 I've spent a lot of time looking out of these windows.

 I've watched a lot of fluffy things drying in the sun.

 I've watched snow falling and storms that would make your hair curl.

 I've hung 20 some years of holiday lights on these wonky cranks. I won't know what to do come Christmas.

Everyone I know and love has gone in and out these dirty old doors.

I sat in front of this window for almost a year stitching away on Grandbaby's sampler.
See what I mean? I am going to be in tears all day. I'm such a big baby.

 I spent our last day together making them shine. They may be on the way out but at least they are leaving with dignity. Wahhh...


  1. awww, there there. All spiders love windows. You are too too funny to wash them first. Your gonna love the new ones

  2. I must confess a love for wonky old windows, too. Good memories are good, right? :) It'll be ok.

  3. Wait till you see what is on the other side of those old windows, you'll be happy they gave their spot up.