Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I was congratulating myself on finishing the first of my three pillow covers that I am making for my Craftsy class when I stepped back to admire the view.

Our instructor talks a lot about that little warning light that goes off in your head to tell you something is wrong. Mine was going off big time. Something wasn't right.

There are little strands that hang down where we join the ends of the yarn when the bobbin runs out but this was different. This was the result of some crazy cat clawing. I was not happy.

I spent about an hour cutting and pulling out all the threads back to where the mess was. I am still not happy. This was even worse than when they used a bobbin of newly spun singles stored on the Ladybug in the same way.  How do I keep the cats from thinking my new loom is just a fancy scratching post?


  1. OMG! That's just awful! Those naughty kitties. I was a little worried something like that might happen when I saw your pretty little gray one playing under the loom. Clearly you will need a loom room now that you can shut the door on and keep those naughty kitties out. :-) I love how the pillow covers are turning out too!

  2. I think you have the scratchin-est cats EVER!
    Do they go outdoors? If not, have you considered Soft Paws. I've used them on the boys, and they work pretty well.

  3. oops ....sorry. Learning curve!! you'll get it soon!

  4. you just can't expect them not to want to have fun with your wonderful stuff. they love you. they love to play.
    they is cats.
    poor you. get a rat for them to chase.

  5. I covered to top of my new lazy boy chair with foil and it scared the heck out of the cat the first time she jumped on it! She still has not gone back to the chair (foil still on for now). I wonder if this could work for you.