Wednesday, June 26, 2013


For days I was whining to myself about not having another pair of size 6 needle tips so that I could get started on my Color Affection while I was in the process of spinning the rescue yarn for the Sideways Surprise. Then I realized that these were interchangeables. I could just screw off the needles, screw on the caps and get on with it.

A few minutes later I had the next Color Affection under way.  And it only took me a week to figure this out.


  1. Sounds like something I might do. I might even have misplaced the caps altogether. I love the new Color Affection! I'm kind of into yellows right now.

  2. Ooh ooh, are those knit pro needles? I keep ogling hem in shops wondering if they're worth the extra pennies. I guess at moments like this the extra flexibility is brilliant :)

    1. They are Knit Picks circulars and I do love them however people are reporting that KP has a new manufacturer and the new versions are not so great.

  3. Lol sometimes it's just too easy!