Sunday, June 16, 2013


 I'll use any excuse to go through the box of family photos. Today I was going through to see how many pictures of fathers I could find.

The really old ones are still over at Dad's house. I did find this one of Daddio and me from 1953. Ouch.

 I also found this one of him from the 70's. He was quite a looker.

I also had plenty of photos of First Husband with Son Numbers 1 and 2 from back in the early 80's.

 Here is Husband Number Two aka The Mister on a camping trip posing with Daughter (the little one), Step Daughter and the two dearly departed family pooches in the mid 80's.

While not exactly a Dad, Middle Sister who was born on Father's Day will be another year older tomorrow. She is going to kill me when she sees this-but I couldn't resist.
Happy Father's Day!

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  1. wonderful box of old photos. Your sister has every right to deck you now! ha ha