Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In and Out and Up and Down

 I am starting to feel like a weaver.

 The patterns from the Craftsy class projects are getting much more interesting.

 Those interesting patterns aren't without their downside, however. They are rather complicated and hard to remember at times. There is a lot of feet action going on and God forbid you lose your place.

 I am finding that using the same tricks I use for lace, colorwork and cable charts-which is to take what the designer charted and turn it into something my brain can relate to, works. So far, so good but if you need to call me, make sure you let the phone ring a long time because I'm not moving until I finish that repeat.

 I have also learned all about those floating selvedges I was so worried about. I have even figured out a way to "cheat" them because I could never find them or remember which one I was suppose to go over and which to go under. I tied a piece of yarn around them and just give them a yank when I need them. Not very professional but effective.

 The back end of those floating selvedges that hang off the loom are mighty tempting cat toys. I know I am asking for trouble but I can't help it. I need them.