Monday, June 10, 2013

Infected Again

 I can hear you groaning from here. I know what you are thinking. Ewww....what's up with those awful colors? I can't help it. I want yellowish golds and grays and nothing else will do. I know it is summer and I should be using bright colors but the head wants what the head wants and I want this.

 I am blaming Daughter for this new obsession because this is what her new living room looks like.

Yellows and grays everywhere.
Of course I want those colors now but who knows if I'll like it once I get started. I'll be casting on this oddball Color Affection as soon as my size 6 needles are free. Right now I am using them to decrease the little fringed triangle thing so it won't be too long.

Speaking of Color Affection, look what happened to my beloved original. A hole or as I should call it, A HOLE! I discovered the awful thing while I was out shopping and it ruined my day. All I could think of was getting home to repair it. I am happy to say it is repaired. It's not pretty as I didn't have anymore of the shredded turquoise left and I don't live on a planet where I can spend more for shipping than for the ball of yarn I am ordering. I used some leftover sock yarn that was close enough to close the hole. Now I have to fret about the cause. Dare I say it? The m word? You know the one-with wings. I can't bring myself to believe my Affection is infected.


  1. Your daughter's new living room is AWESOME! I love those colors together!

  2. I do love the yellow/ grey combo.
    Maybe you got your shawl got caught on something...anything but those nasty m.....

  3. The greys and yellows totally work for my eyes ! I LOVE it.

    IM soooo sorry about the M word. I saw one in my home a few weeks ago and freaked out. No holes noted, but I have everything in yucky plastic now. THe cats are supposed to handle all insects in this house. !!!!

  4. Nothing wrong with those colours! go for it!

    (I'm afraid I might have a little "m" problem too...)

  5. most certainly looks like the little fluttering m's are snacking on your affection.
    love the gray and yellow decor.