Monday, May 1, 2023

Better Safe Than Sorry


After seeing what The Mister's been going through with his hip I decided to buy myself one of these. It's not a storm trooper uniform, it's a cordless vacuum. I almost fell down our stairs twice last week tripping over the cord on my canister vacuum. Down the stairs and through the glass door doesn't sound like fun so I splurged. 

I still haven't had more than a few hours sleep. The Mister is getting up all night long for one thing after another. He's too hot, the leg things are too noisy, he has to use the bathroom, he needs a drink....argh. I get it. He's miserable. This has been so much more than he expected. I've been cooking up everything trying to get him to eat. Old bananas that he wouldn't eat just became banana bread. 

Maybe this quiche will do it. They told me to get a lot of protein in him but it's hard to do when all he wants to eat are ramen noodles and Reese's Cups. 


  1. One day at a time. I sure hope he feels better soon. I know it is now easy for either of you.

  2. Banana bread and quiche sure would make ME feel better. Hope it works for the Mister.

  3. The cordless vac is a great idea for now on! The first week is the hardest--hope it improves for both of you soon!

  4. I'm sorry it's so hard. One day soon he will turn a corner and the pain and uncomfortableness will lessen greatly. It's happened with all three of my friends who have recently had hip replacement. Now, knees are a different story. I'm told those are much more painful. No thank you. I'll skip both if possible.
    You'll have to let us know how the vacuum does. I think mine is on it's "last legs" and may be shopping for one soon.
    Take care and try to rest when you can.

  5. That banana bread looks good! Back in December, Dave was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and ordered to lose a bunch of weight... so there's no baking for me! I really miss making sweet things!