Sunday, May 28, 2023



Our Memorial Day plans got put on hold because one of my kiddos is under the weather. We had planned a big family get together this weekend but that's on hold for now so all I can do is get caught up on some neglected projects while I do some long distance fretting.  
Number 21 has its sleeves in production finally. It's been in time out for a long while. 

The Big Gray Blob will get a few more inches added to the body.

I've got to catch up with my Audun squares or I might not make my 6 block quota this month.

My socks are playing nicely for a change. I didn't think I would like this colorway but I do. It made me go on a Regia sock buying frenzy last night. One ball out, one ball in. The stash must be fed. 


  1. Sorry about the cancelled family plans--you could've used the distraction! The knitting is coming along-I really like the new socks!

  2. That last photo (the socks) looks like something right out of Santa Fe! So pretty.

    Hope your kiddo is feeling better soon.

  3. That sock yarn is great! As Dee said, it definitely has a southwest vibe. I'm so sorry to hear that your plans are falling through. We have nothing going on this weekend but we're both so exhausted that we're enjoying that just fine. We did have church this morning and then Zoey went on a playdate to Mandy's while we visited Mom and did our grocery shopping. It's 6:30 and we've both sat down for the first time today. And I'm way behind in reading blogs today. :-)
    Take care and knit a LOT tomorrow.
    Blessings and hugs,