Wednesday, May 17, 2023



Today The Mister is going to hobble off to his first out patient rehab session. Yesterday he was bored out of his mind and driving me crazy. I set my ironing board over his special chair so he could make me a potholder. That way he didn't have to bend at the waist. 

He wasn't too thrilled at first. He'd rather mope around and be in a bad mood but soon enough the loops worked their magic and I got about a half hour of quiet time. I also got a pot holder. 

If I can get just a few minutes a day without having to deal with whatever misery The Mister is serving up, it will be worth the money I just spent on lots more loops in lot more colors. Amazon better get them here by tomorrow like they promised. 


  1. Isn't that a pretty pot holder?? Hope his rehab goes well.

  2. Nice potholder! I'm sorry that The Mister is still miserable. This too shall pass. Easier said than done isn't it?

  3. When he can start to to some of his projects, his mood will improve immensely! Nice potholder!!!

  4. Keeping the mind occupied is an important part of recovery. The potholder is pretty.

  5. a slightly happier Mister, and pot holders... sounds like a win win!

  6. Men really do make the worst patients! Glad you found a way to get him crafting. Creating something always puts you in a better mood!