Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Tiny Needle Tuesday


The cow pile have a bed of flowers to perch on this week. Now I've got to stitch all that green grass around them. Ugh.

Patchwork Printemps has two more wonky pink sheep now. I've got only one more block to go and then I can start the outside borders.

That big side floral motif on Village Quaker has been a real pleasure to work on this week. While The Mister was getting his therapy I put in a few stitches here and there.  

My tall ship has one more sail thanks to The Mister spending more time in the lower level over the weekend where this project lives. I've got one more big sail to go and then I get to finally put a ship under them. The Mister over did it this weekend with the golf thing so he's back upstairs on the couch again for most of the day. His bad leg started to swell so it's back to the compression stockings and inflating thingys for most of the day. An hour or two of downstairs time after dinner is all he's getting-for now. 



  1. The colors on your Quaker are so pretty.

  2. Sorry The Mister has to cut back on his downstairs time! Hopefully the healing will continue in a positive way. Your stitching is a delight to see and I just started a piece by Jardin Prive!!

  3. The projects are coming along nicely!
    I feel for the mister, I always overdo it and pay for it later!

  4. You're going to finish all of those projects about the same time! Sorry The Mister overdid it, but good to see that progress is being made. I went to a crochet group at our old apartment today and one of the ladies there had a knee replacement four weeks ago this coming Thursday. She gets to start driving again this week and she's so excited. She's been walking down to the community room for two weeks now from her apartment so use her as hope. This won't be forever, although I know it seems like it now. I've missed talking to you this week.
    Blessings and love,

  5. Your stitching is beautiful--nice to see the ship-to-be coming soon! Sorry for the set-back on the DH--it happens.