Sunday, May 7, 2023

For Pete's Sake


I don't know who Pete is but I sure wish he was here yesterday. After a week of rain I had grass to cut. Lots and lots of grass to cut but I couldn't get the mower started. Nothing. Nada. Zip. 

The Mister said the battery must be dead and insisted it must be replaced right this very minute so I had to wrestle the old one out (not easy) and then wrestle The Mister into the car so he could supervise the trip to the auto store. I don't speak battery so I was worried I would get the wrong one so he insisted on me packing up all his walking equipment and shoving him into the back seat. I had been up since 4 am watching the coronation so I wasn't in any shape to argue with him even though I thought it was ridiculous to do all that with him in the shape he's in. 

The store people were nice enough to come out to the car and get the old battery and bring us a new one. As soon as I got it home I put it in-my first ever and............nothing. Nada. Zip. I was not happy. I gave the thing another good going over and discovered that The Mister, who had used it last, must have left the blade engaged so OF COURSE IT WOULDN'T START. Oh, well. We got a new battery and I learned how to change one out. I finally got that grass cut but I didn't get the fiber fun day I had planned for myself in lieu of the MDSW. I got a nap instead. 


  1. What a crazy day! We rented a car on Friday that wouldn't start after it was in our garage, so I can relate! Glad you got a nap!

  2. Ha - that sounds like Dave. My lawnmower wouldn't start this year an he made me go buy a new sparkplug and filter and bunch of stuff. Got it home and none of that worked. It needed the carburetor cleaned - which he did in 10 minutes - it took me over an hour to travel and get the parts we DIDN'T need.

  3. Oh, the frustrations of mechanics!!!! Glad it turned out well in the end--the nap was a good idea!

  4. Oh no! I didn't get to go to MDSW this year either. I'm very sad about it but my bank account is appreciative. As for the mower, mowing has become my job this year and I'm sure I will forget to disengage the blades before turning the machine off at least once this summer. Now I'll know what to do when it won't start. Thanks for that tidbit of advice. Hope your patient begins to feel better and can become a little more active. You are both in my thoughts.