Thursday, May 25, 2023

Soap Tales


It seems like ages since I made these last batches of soap. This was February 22 which does seem like a long time ago now. Needless to say, thanks to The Mister's earlier than expected surgery, this soap has had a nice long cure and it's more than ready to go to a new home. 

First up is the unscented batches. Plain Ole Goat and Oatmilk. Oatmilk is vegan, made with oat and coconut milk with colloidal oatmeal. It has little flecks of vanilla powder but it has no scent. 

My fruity scents are a zesty Lemon and sweet Blackberry. These are not the same scents of this type that I have used before. I used a new supplier for all the scents this time around. You can look up the scents at Nurture Soap if you are interested in a more detailed description of the fragrances. 

My spa scents are Awaken and Aroma Therapy. Awaken is very bright and slightly citrus. Aroma Therapy is a stronger scent of undetermined origin but it's not bad. It's got glycerin rivers running through it because I went a little extra with the honey which caused it to heat up. It's a nice bubbly bar because of it and I've been using it in the kitchen. 

The flowery scents are an enchanting Avalon and very regal Empress. Avalon has a very light floral scent. Empress definitely makes its presence known. It was made with silk infused water so it has a beautiful slip to it. 

The double butter soaps are Honey and Apple scented. They are very conditioning but not very cleansing because of the addition of all the hard oils. They are definitely a luxury bar. 

Last but certainly not least is my favorite Oatmeal and Honey bar. It has colloidal oatmeal in it which makes it silky and lots of honey that makes it bubbly. I always make a batch of this as it's my favorite. 

And.....I had one failed batch. Poor White Tea and Pear is an ugly mess. The scent did calm down a bit. If you like a strong, crisp scented soap that is a bit of an eyesore this one is for you. I'm not even going to wrap it unless someone wants to try it. The Mister loved it but he does love a strong scent. Me-not so much. 

So......if you want to re-home some soap send me your mailing details and top 3 choices. 
I'm Araignee on Ravelry. 
Or email me at
No strings attached.
When and what I send you will have to be a surprise. Things are still a bit crazy here.

Thank you in advance. Until I empty my shelves I can't make anymore and there's absolutely no fun in that. 

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  1. They are so pretty with their lovely wrappings that it would be hard to use them. :-) But, since I've used up my last batch, I'm still going to beg for more. You are so generous to share.