Friday, May 19, 2023

It's Always Something....


Look familiar? Those of you who followed me through the big mange adventure of 2022 know that I'm doing the laundry in the downstairs tub. When we all had mange I had to boil everything in these big utility buckets. We don't have mange again.....thank goodness but THE NEW WASHING MACHINE ISN'T WORKING. 

No matter what size of the load it goes off balance and rocks itself across the room at every spin cycle. So I've been washing the clothes in the tub and using only the short rinse and spin feature while standing over it taking everything out and adjusting it every time it bumps. I'm still dealing with The Mister's incision so I do a lot of laundry trying to keep everything clean. It's been a nightmare. We have a repair person scheduled for Tuesday. At least I had the good sense to take out the extended warranty when I bought this set at the start of the pandemic in 2020. 

On a happier note, I have to say I LOVE my new lighted cordless vacuum. My cats are shedding like mad and this little thing has saved my sanity. Does it replace my canister vac for deep cleaning all the little nooks and crannies? No, but it makes short work of tidying up. Another plus is that The Mister, who HATES the sound of the big vac doesn't mind the little hum this baby makes so I can pull it out all day long even when he's napping-which is a lot of the time at the moment. 


  1. Oh man! You just can't catch a break can you? I'm sorry about the washer but very glad you got the warranty. What kind of vacuum did you get? I must have missed that post! Zoey barks a high pitched bark every. single. time. I get the vacuum out. She's determined that she's going to kill that thing? Ha! The dark vinyl floor here shows every piece of her light hair, even though she's small. She had finally settled down in the apartment and rarely barked and now she's back up to her old habits. Barks at everything. I know it's a small dog thing but I had hoped we could train her not to do that. The people here are going to hate us. Yikes!

  2. Oh, I've got a guy who HATES the sound of the vacuum too - I swear he's worse than the cats! It's fine when he's using his Shop vac apparently when I try to do the floors with my canister vac, he loses his mind!

  3. Oh no! I'm so sorry about the washer. We just had to replace ours that was less than 2 years old. The computer in it went bad. It wouldn't stay balanced, it added water when on the spin cycle and it would randomly turn itself on. I sure hope the new one lasts longer. Glad you like the vacuumn. The little ones are handy for quick cleanups.

  4. I have a small spiffing up vac, too--you will like using this!