Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Tiny Needle Tuesday


There's not much to show for this week. I managed an F and a D and started a center motif while The Mister was napping one afternoon. After doing everything that I need to do all day around here I'm not in the mood to do much of anything. The Mister still needs help with dressing, bathing and most everything else. I'm carrying the entire weight of running a 5 cat, 1 dog household and when I have time to sit down I pretty much just stare into space. 

Speaking of carrying the load. This is what happened when I tried to drive the trash to the top of the driveway yesterday. I got the truck stuck in the front yard when I backed it down too far. The poor Mister had to hobble down the stairs with his cane to guide me out the hole I was digging with the back tire. Now I've got my own to match the one the Amazon driver put in the yard....lol. 

As for the front yard I've got some things blooming out among the weeds. Surprise, surprise. I vaguely remember planting these bulbs. Does anyone know what they are? I've got several pretty little clumps. I've tried looking them up with no luck.

And....I've got some of the Siberian Iris that I transplanted from my mother's garden years ago. They've only bloomed after we had some trees removed. They like all the new sunshine we are getting out front. So do the weeds. Me-not so much. I'm afraid my front porch area is going to be blistering come hot weather. Next year I might have to think about putting in some smallish shade trees. 



  1. The little white flowers are wood anemone.

  2. Are those white flowers Star of Bethlehem? We have some of those. Love your Siberian Iris. We have some, but they bloom much later.

  3. Pretty sure your little white flowers are Star of Bethlehem.... AKA the bane of my existence in the Catio. Whoever lived here before must have planted them decades ago and they've just run amok since. I spent a full day last year digging them out of the catio before I put the gardens in. And of course, I did not get them all (they send their bulbs down pretty deep). Earlier this spring, I spent another day in the catio trying to decide what was a grape hyacinth and what was a star of Bethlehem so I could get rid of more of the little buggers. I know I'll be repeating the same thing for years to come.

    Your irises are loves. My first bearded ones just bloomed, with lots more to follow

  4. Nice work on the stitching! You definitely deserve a rest!

  5. Well at least you managed to do a bit of stitching! Just add this ordeal to your series of unfortunate events! lol