Thursday, May 18, 2023

Full Circle


In 2013 I was sitting and knitting in one of the local physical therapy centers waiting for Daddio after his hip surgery. I was working on my Honey Cowl. I still wear it. It looks like a rag these days but I keep it in the car for when I misjudge the weather. 

10 years later and I am now dropping The Mister off to the same place after his hip surgery. He had an 11 am appointment that lasted an hour. 

I'm not sitting and knitting inside this time around because he wanted to bring Pup along. While I waited, I took her for a walk over to the boardwalk and then settled back in the car while I worked on the toe of my Felici sock. She was NOT a happy camper. She couldn't understand why The Mister went one way and we went another. 

She was a lot happier back at home helping me pack him in ice. His next appointment is tomorrow at 8 am (!). I think I'm going to pack a pillow and blanket and a mug of hot coffee. We've got a month of early morning appointments three times a week. Remember when I said I couldn't wait for the in-home visits to be over? I'm thinking now it might have actually been easier than this after all. 

And.......within minutes of being packed in ice, The Mister and Pup both fell asleep leaving me a few minutes in a quiet corner to get that toe done. Pair number three are now in the 2023 gift box.


  1. Pup looks much happier having her Daddy back home. Zoey is the same way. We call her our velcro dog. She pretty much sticks to us everywhere.
    I'm sorry about all of the early morning appointments. No fun at all. But thank goodness for knitting!
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Yeah, first thiing in the morning appts wear out quickly! I am glad you have knitting to keep you sane! Nice socks btw!!!

  3. Ahhh..quiet knitting time. That's the best. The socks look great.

  4. Nice socks! I prefer the early morning appointments - that way they are not backed up and off schedule...and I'm up early anyway.

  5. Aw! pup looks like such a sweet little nurse! Dogs are so funny about their people. When I dog sit for Mom and Dad, Jem is always thrilled to have me there, but poor Chevy... he pines for Dad! Every little noise has him running to the window to see if he's home.

  6. Good luck with those morning appoinments. Your socks look great!