Saturday, May 20, 2023

Early Birds


The Mister had an 8 am drop off at physical therapy and Pup and I made good use of the time walking around town. She was much more calmer in her stroller. She walked, then rode off and on for about 45 minutes which was the most she's been out since The Mister's surgery. 

It was a beautiful morning. It was overcast and cool with a brisk breeze. The beach was deserted.

I had brought along the big gray blob to work on but that breeze would have blown it away.

We got back to the car with just enough time for me to get one more row on before I could hear The Mister dragging across the parking lot with his walker. He was surprised when they handed him another schedule with even more dates on it. It seems his knee needs work in order for that hip to stay where it should so we are now looking at mid July as a discharge date. As I've said's always something. 

And........Betsy wanted to know about my new vacuum. It's a Fykee. I found it on Amazon for $149. I was tempted to get an more expensive one but with my track record of things breaking I thought better of it. The way things are built anymore it's better to go cheap and replace them when they break. I learned that the hard way with the oven and my pricey countertop and I'm now learning it with the fancy washer. Nothing is built to last anymore. 


  1. The walk had to be nice especially when you were the only ones out there! Sorry for the extended dates for the appointment but I'm not surprised! It's a brutal surgery and is hard on our older bodies! Hoping the repairs go smoothly! You will still enjoy the little vac!

  2. Looks like pup enjoyed her time out.

  3. How wonderful to have the boardwalk to yourself for a morning walk. It must have been nice after all of your time cooped up. Pup looks happy too. Sorry about even more appointments but that also means more beachtime.
    Thanks a bunch for the vacuum information. I'm going to look it up.
    Blessings and love,