Monday, May 15, 2023

Upstairs, Downstairs


The Mister achieved another milestone this weekend. He managed to get down the stairs and into his recliner and watch some golf.

Since he's still under some pretty strict restrictions I had to stay down there with him for the most part but I did get to spend some time in my downstairs craft room and give it a good cleaning. I also sat down and finished this section of yo yo's. They are all together now into a pillow sized square. Now I can applique them down. 

I also got a few more inches of border on Rainbow Kitty.

What I have been doing upstairs for the past few weeks is watching way too many YouTube videos. When I see someone doing something interesting I usually throw some money at it. That's how I got this new pen. It's been sitting downstairs for the longest time waiting for me to come play with it. 

 I have no talent whatsoever for calligraphy of any shape or size but that never stops me from adding to my pen and ink collection. This parallel pen didn't magically give me any more skill than I already had but it was fun to play with. 


  1. Neat stuff! Your yo-yos are very pretty and I'm excited that Rainbow Kitty is nearing completion. YAY for The Mister getting downstairs.

  2. Sounds like bit by bit things are heading back to "normal". And, THAT'S a good thing. :-)

  3. So glad the Mister is making progress and can get down the stairs now. I know exactly what you mean about Youtube and your new pen. I'm now the proud owner of a diamond painting kit that I have zero interest in doing except the Youtube lady swears it's very fun and meditative so...

  4. Bravo to the Mister! Slow and steady progress is good.

  5. It was good for both of you to get a change of scenery! The new pen looks like a ton of fun!