Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Resolution Roundup


So how am I doing on all the projects I swear I am going to finish in 2023? I only have three left since I finished Dad's quilt last month. Rainbow Kitty almost had a big finish too until the stuff hit the fan around here. I was just about to finish that border.

The good news is that after digging through the wool stash I found enough colors to finish it. 

I added six more blocks to the Audun pile. I need only 11 more. 

And....#20 was a real struggle but it's done. It needs a good blocking to settle those tension issues down. Four more to go. I thought I might let this project be until fall since I am so close to the end but I always get excited to pick out the colors for the next one and get started. I don't know what I am going to do when I finish this project. I've loved everyone of them-even this one and it was a real pain. 



  1. Looks like you will make your goal.

  2. Oh, look at Rainbow Kitty! He's so, so close. Yippee! The squares are so pretty and those little sweaters are wonderful. The latest looks great, I can't believe you had problems with it.
    I've been working off and on today on a diamond painting kit for autumn. Since we're moving, I have no idea where I'll put it. It was going to go right outside the door here. Would you believe we close on Friday? We looked at the condo on Saturday for the first time and we get to start moving in on Friday. Six days later! That's crazy.

  3. So close with Rainbow Kitty!!! The Auden squares are gorgeous and, of course, the little Advent Sweaters. That colorwork on the last must have been a real PITA on tiny needles.

  4. Those little sweaters are adorable! Rainbow Kitty is soooo close to being finished.

  5. You are on a roll! Rainbow kitty is so sweet, the sweaters have been gorgeous-every one of them and the Audun blocks are beautiful!