Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Wednesday WIPs


Festive Doodle is getting a sleeve. The interesting thing about it is that there is no sleeve shaping at all. Just a tube. I tried it on and it seems to work which is great because I hate increasing or decreasing when I am working with colors. It does something to my brain. 

I shamed myself into finishing the body of the first of the the thrummed mitts and started the second. I'll do both thumbs later at the same time so I don't have to figure it out twice.

Here's an inside out look at the mitt. It's a soft cloud of warm in the winter. I love these things. 

The big blue man sock is so pretty. This is my favorite Hawthorne colorway so far. It's Irvington. 

This week's Audun blocks look like this. I was going to lay all of the finished ones out together for a family photo but a mosquito chased me back into the house. Darn things. 


  1. Those thrummed mittens must be wonderful to wear on bitterly cold days.

  2. Nice array of projects! I like the way the thrummed mittens look inside and out! Cool instructions for the sweater sleeve-much easier knit that way! I'm enjoying the crochet, too--these look great.

  3. Those mittens! They look so warm and cozy. The inside is amazing! And Festive Doodle makes my brain hurt to look at it. Gorgeous but terrifying to me who's afraid of colorwork.
    I like that color too. I think Dennis would enjoy them.

  4. Festive Doodle looks amazing - and that yarn on the thrum mitt - yowza! Just stunning

  5. Gorgeous projects, especially Festive Doodle!