Saturday, June 26, 2021

Le Grand Depart


This year the Tour is starting with a finish. Remember this pretty Polwarth/Silk?

The singles were done on Tuesday.

I chain plied them on Wednesday but had mechanical difficulties. The string that I subbed out for the broken band must have stretched out and nothing was doing what it should. I have no idea what this little doo hicky is that's on the wheel but it held the string out nicely so I could get the bobbin to spin again. I've got so much to learn about this spinning thing. Sigh....

I've also got to learn NOT to ply when I am watching an exciting Euro Cup match. There was a lot of energy in this yarn fresh off the wheel.

It did settle down nicely after a long hot bath and good beating. I am going to cake it up and turn it into mitts during the Tour. I'll put my other projects on hiatus for a bit while I use up some handspun. There's just too much of it to store away anymore. the Ladybug is empty and the Tour has begun. I'll have to go stash diving today to figure out a new project since this was supposed to be it. 


  1. It's so exciting to see fiber go from roving to a finished item like your mitts. I think your yarn is beautiful. The colors are so pretty.

  2. Good luck with the Tour, such an exciting event to watch while you spin and knit.

  3. I had to say goodbyes to son and family today--I had forgotten about the Tour! I will dig through and spin to lighten my mood! Thanks--beautiful yarn btw!

  4. I _ove that you gave it a good beating. The consonant between K and M is not working on my keyboard. Replace a__ underscored with that consonant p_ease!

  5. It sure turned all sorts of colors .

  6. pretty spinning, I made a start but we were away in the van and my body decided to catch up on sleep.. spinning whilst falling asleep is not recommended :-)