Saturday, June 12, 2021

Under Cover


We haven't been out of the house in days. First it was too blistering hot and then it was rain. We thought be might dodge the rain yesterday morning but as soon as we started walking the skies opened up.

We didn't feel like going home so we drove around town and came upon the new parking garage for the local resort down the street.

This is some parking garage. It has an attached bar and restaurant and quite a spectacular view. The whole place was practically deserted and Pup had a good time running around out of the rain. 

From the roof you an see all the construction going on. 

In June 2022 the place is supposed to look like this. It won't be empty or Pup friendly then I suppose. Too bad. 


  1. So funny!!! What a great find for you and PUP!!!!!! Nice and dry. When we had no garage, (30) years, and hail was predicted , we would park a block away in the library underground parking until the storm passed. it worked!

  2. I really hate all the construction everywhere. Clearwater Beach is a mass of condos and hotels, there is no space! I go to Honeymoon Island which is a state park and at least there it isn't one big building after another.

  3. Please send some of your sunshine our way but keep the rain!

  4. Take advantage while you can, although it might surprise you.

    Celebration (a town in Florida) has a waterfront like that and it is a great place to walk for humans and for pups.

  5. Funny to have so much empty space--glad it worked for you!!!! I liked the view from the roof!