Monday, June 28, 2021


I was overwhelmed yesterday with the response I got from the giveaway. I wondered if anyone was still out there listening and apparently there is. 

It was so good to hear from my old soap buddies again. What adventures you've had since the last time we spoke. 

It was nice to meet some new friends too. They find it hard to believe that I just give it away but I do. The shipping cost is factored into my hobby budget which has been hard to deplete lately since I haven't been out of the house for over a year.

The more I get rid of the more I can make so it's win win. 

I have two new fragrances waiting to be tried out and no place to cure it until you all kindly take the last batches off my hands. 

Then there are the cards. I get hours of fun making them. I'd rather make 20 then make one. There is something about the assembly line process that I really like. I probably would have made a great factory worker. 

Thanks again everyone for helping me prevent my bathtub from looking like this... 

...and my soap table from looking like this ...and it's not too late to sign up!


  1. Glad you got to reconnect with some old friends.

  2. I'm glad you had lots of replies. Remember, if you run low, just skip me this time. You are so sweet to do this. Obviously people love you AND your soap.

  3. Oh I missed this! Hopefully next time I'll be more on the ball. :-)

  4. Amazing! I'm sure if anyone has tried your soap in the past, they will not miss a giveaway!

  5. Look at all the pretty bars! I’m still enjoying the bars from your last giveaway, so I’ll pass this time. Thanks for being so generous.

  6. Like Betsy said - If you run low, just skip me. I have been the recipient of your wonderful soaps for several years. Your soaps are pretty awesome.

  7. You know I never mind a fun mail package with your soaps and cards inside!!! But , like Betsy and Shirley I have enjoyed so many, that if others are new and want to join in, feel free to skip me. I'll just suffer silently with Irish Spring