Monday, June 14, 2021

Brood X


I don't have any cute cicada photos to show because I haven't seen any-alive. We don't get them here on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay because....well, they really don't know why but we don't. However what apparently we do get are lots and lots of dead ones. Look what washed up on the beach over the weekend. Millions of the poor dead things. They think they might have washed down from up north after all the rains we had. 

The beach patrol was sweeping them up by the bucket full from off the boardwalk where the winds and waves have tossed them. They missed a few here and there. 

They've been keeping folks off the beach but the geese don't mind them. In fact now we've got flocks and flocks of Canadian geese living it up on the buggy buffet Mother Nature just served up. Messy beach indeed. It's pretty terrible out there right now. 


  1. Pretty gross. Hope Mother Nature washes them away soon.

    I haven't seen any Brood X here, but you can ertainly hear them a few towns north of us.

    Our problem is Spotted Lantern Flies. I saw larvae for the first time today. They are invasive and very destructive to some trees and fruits (like grape vines at the wineries).

  2. I keep waiting for us to get some but so far, no cicadas yet. I will probably change my mind after a while bc they are so terribly noisy here in the trees screeching the way they do. Very interesting to see they wash up like that-I like facts like this! lol

  3. Oh - Wow!
    We haven't heard any cicadas this year, but I'm sure they will start soon.

  4. Crazy! I've never seen any here, but I guess there is a type called Orchard cicada.

  5. Ick ick . I remember them in Chicago years ago. They started flying around and into your face and hair! UGH. Huck my dog my love, ate so many cicadas we had to stop him. He was pooping them out too!

  6. Ewww! That's terrible. Poor things.
    I hope that's the end of them for you. I love to hear them here at night. Lightening bugs flying around too.